1. Do you offer a meet and greet service?

Yes, we can offer this service for an additional $40.

  1. What is meet and greet service and what does it look like when we arrive?

Your driver will text you to confirm your arrival details. As you exit the secured area and enter the baggage claim area your driver will be holding a sign with the primary passenger’s last name displayed. Your driver will escort you to the airlines designated baggage carousel and assist in collecting your luggage. Once all of your luggage has been collected the driver will then assist in bringing the luggage to the vehicle. Once the vehicle is loaded your transportation to your destination begins.

  1. What if we have people flying in on different flights and would like to all go in the same reserved vehicle?

At the time when the reservation is made, we require all flight numbers with each passengers contact cell number at the time of booking. The driver will track the latest arriving flight and will be waiting for your party when the latest flight arrives. In the event we have not been given all parties flight details and the driver is waiting for a late/delayed flight, wait time will added based on the arrival of the provided flight details.

  1. Can we stop at the store during our transportation to Park City?

Yes, due to scheduling commitments unless a stop/s have been prearranged in advance at the time of booking and notated on the reservation (please confirm all reservation notes and details), we may not be able to accommodate this added service. There is a charge of $10 per stop (must be enroute) and a complimentary 10 minute wait time is included. Additional time is billed in 0.25 hour increments based on the vehicle’s hourly rate.

  1. Can you provide transportation around town?

Yes, please call us to prearrange and reserve a local or point-to-point service. Because we are a luxury transportation service not a taxi service last minute requests are based on schedule availability.

  1. What is the vehicle capacity?

For our SUV service, five people with luggage is the maximum recommended. We also offer private Van service for up to either 10 people or for up to 14 people (Luxury Van). Passenger capacity is based on the number of luggage each person brings, excessive amounts of luggage will quickly reduce the vehicles seating capacity, please plan accordingly.

  1. How many bags can we put in the vehicle?

On average, one large bag and one medium sized bag per person. If there is a large number of luggage/skis/boards/strollers, etc. reducing the available seats required to lawfully secure all passengers a second additional vehicle will need to be reserved (based on availability).

  1. Do you provide car seats for children?

Yes, when requested in advance and notated on the reservation we provide child car seats and/or booster seats at no additional charge.

  1. Are children considered part of the total passenger count?

Yes, all passengers by law require access to a seat belt and as such are part of the total passenger count.

  1. Is this a shared Ride service?

No, Peak Transportation operates only privately reserved vehicles.

  1. What is the benefit to using your service instead of a shared ride? I noticed that those “shared ride” companies charge a per person flat rate.

When you compare our rates to the shared ride rates that those companies offer, we are very competitive. The advantages are your time and your comfort. You see, booking a shared vehicle means that you are sharing the vehicle with several parties, and your drop off/pickup is based on the predetermined route established by the company. This means what might have been a short 35 minute trip from/to the airport can easily become a 1 hour or much longer trip with multiple stops before you get to your destination. Additionally, our vehicles which include GMC Denali’s, Chevrolet Suburban’s and Cadillac Escalades offer superior comfort especially when compared to the standard 15 passenger van used by these shared ride companies, where loading the vehicle to maximum capacity is the primary goal.

  1. How many skis can I bring?

Up to five pairs in our SUVs and 10 pairs in our vans.

  1. Do you allow smoking in the vehicle?

No, for the breathing comfort of our drivers and guests no smoking is permitted in any vehicle.

  1. How much time before our flight do we need to leave?

We recommend leaving Park City 2.5-3 hours before your scheduled flight departure time.

  1. How long should I expect to wait at the airport?

When you arrive at the airport a driver will be waiting for you in a remote staging lot. After collecting all your baggage, you should not have to wait more than five minutes for your driver. During extreme winter weather conditions delays are possible.

  1. How do I find our driver when we arrive?

When you have received all your luggage, please call (888) 850-8333 and your driver will be dispatched to the terminal, and you will be instructed on where to meet your driver.

  1. Do you offer private vehicles?

Yes, Peak Transportation only offers private vehicle service.

  1. Can I pay in cash for transportation services when I arrive?

Yes, your credit card is used to guarantee your reservation and pre-authorized the day before your scheduled reservation. If you would like to pay cash, please notify the dispatcher in advance and let the driver know.

  1. What if I need to cancel or change my time?

Peak Transportation maintains a strict 48-hour cancellation policy. Cancellations more than 72 hours before will incur no charge (these policies do not apply during the Sundance Film Festival). Cancellations 48 to 72 hours before your reservation will be charged a 50% cancellation fee. Cancellations made less than 48 hours prior to your reservation will forfeit full payment. ALL last minute (day of) reservations are subject to the 100% cancellation policy. All Group reservations and during the Sundance Film Festival, the cancellation timelines are fourteen (14) days and seven (7) days respectively. There are no refunds for NO SHOWS. Any changes to departure/pickup time within one hour of the originally scheduled reservation will have wait time added to the original reservation amount and are subject to schedule availability based on current scheduling commitments.

  1. What if my flight is delayed?

We will be tracking the flight number you provided and will have a driver waiting for you when you arrive. If other members of your party are arriving on different flights, please provide all flight numbers at the time of booking so the driver may track the latest arriving flight and will be waiting for your party when the latest flight arrives.

  1. What if someone cancels at the last minute?

Your credit card will be charged for the full amount.

  1. What if we need to add another person?

In most case we can accommodate changes to an existing reservation, this is primarily based on lawful vehicle capacity. Please call (888) 850-8333 to change an existing reservation.