Treasure Developement in Park City

The Treasure partnership is a group that has expressed great interest in investing in Park City development for some time now. However, it looks like something is about to go through that would bring major changes to the city, and possibly a boost to the tourist-centric economy that dominates the town. Recently, the partnership sent a letter to the City, asking to be put back on the planning commission for future development. The letter detailed many of the desires and intentions of the Treasure partnership, as well as the Sweeney family behind it. Here is some information about the possible treasure development in Park City…


Treasure Partnership’s absence


There is actually a long history with Park City and the possibility of the Treasure development, as it was initially proposed all the way back in 2004. However, in 2010, the parties ceased discussions on how this development would proceed. This led to a 6 year absence from the Treasure partnership in Park City’s infrastructure discussions. However, the Sweeney family has been invested in this development since the 1980’s, when the land they owned was approved to be developed.


Latest development


This Treasure development would add to roster of high-end resorts that permeate Park City and fuel its economy. The property would consist of 13 different sections that were all connected into one building, and would contain over 200 hotel rooms, along with 100 condos. The placement of this land is right on the hill that sits above the Town Lift, and is prime real estate for a new resort, as it is incredibly visible and central to the layout of Park City. In order to move through with this investment, the partnership needs to obtain several permits from the city, in order to start on the construction process.




There is a clear divide in Park City, when it comes to the issue of this latest development. Many people are concerned that the traffic that is generated by the new property will not be able to be sustained by the streets that are currently in the area, such as Empire Avenue. Other people are concerned that the high-rise building will detract from the current aesthetic of that part of town, which is fairly rustic.

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