A strip of cinema tickets is strewn amongst some popcorn.Park City is an incredible town that has a unique personality that is hard to find anywhere else. However, people around the world tend to think about two things when they hear about Park City: the incredible ski resorts, and the Sundance Film Festival. Indeed, the Sundance Film Festival is one of the most bustling times to be in Park City, with thousands upon thousands of film industry professionals, film buffs, and wide-eyed tourists descending upon the town for several weeks. During this time, there is always something to find in Park City!

The festival that put Park City on the map

Park City used to be a relatively quiet town, and it certainly still is, during some parts of the year. However, that all changed when the Sundance Film Festival started to hold events there. Over the years, Sundance has had a huge impact on bringing lots of people to Park City, where they have discovered the amazing food, the charming persona, and a little slice of the best snow on Earth.

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