Pros of Skiing at the End of Ski Season

With most ski resorts in the Park City, Utah, area open for skiing only until mid-April, now is the time to book a last-minute ski trip for you and your family. In fact, now might be the very best time of the year to take your family on a fun-filled ski vacation. Why? Here are a few reasons to hit the slopes just before they close.

Fewer People

Since most people generally ski in the months of December and January, skiing in April means dealing with a lot less noise at the resorts. Lines are shorter, making for a lot less waiting time and a lot more powder-carving time. You can get your food more quickly at the lodges, and your downhill runs will see a lot less traffic. Essentially, skiing at the end of the season lets you get a lot more bang for your buck at the resorts.

Discounted Rates

Many ski resorts and nearby accommodations offer discounted rates for skiers looking to make a quick ski trip at the end of the season. These discounts vary by resort and by year, of course, but it isn’t uncommon to find a resort offering, for example, 20% off of ski lift tickets and lodging toward the end of March and going into April.

Warmer Weather

Skiing at the end of the ski season also means enjoying warmer weather while you’re out on the slopes. While ski resorts located up in the mountains are sure to still have colder air and chillier winds than you’re using to seeing at lower elevations in the spring—the mountains need to maintain ample powder for great skiing, after all—you definitely do not have to bundle up as much as you do for skiing in colder winter months. This usually means you can stay on the slopes longer, getting more mileage out of your lift ticket. And with children who might have a hard time keeping warm when out on the mountain, skiing at the end of the season makes for a perfect solution.

Get Your Final Ski Fix of the Season In

The end of ski season means having to wait seven months or more to enjoy carving fresh powder again, so why not hit the slopes one more time to tide you over? Get your final ski fix in before time runs out.

We at Peak Transportation pride ourselves on getting you to the Park City slopes in luxury and style. If you’re booking a last-minute ski trip to Park City this season, you won’t want to miss our extremely competitive rates. Give us a call today, or click here to see our current rates.

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