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The ski season is hitting the ground running in Park City, and visitors from all over the world are turning up to enjoy the slopes. Even with all the tourist commotion, Park City is still home to just under 8,000 full time residents and hundreds of local businesses. Let’s take a look at what’s going on in the news in the picturesque town of Park City, Utah.

Take the Bus

As the resorts fill up with guests, parking is becoming somewhat of a hassle. City officials recommend that you skip all the circling and waiting for a spot by taking the bus. The public transit system in Park City is extensive and it’s free! You can leave your car behind and get curbside service to any of the resorts, including Canyons. Busses also get express lane priority, so you won’t be stuck in traffic during the end of the day rush. Get there a little earlier, stay a little later, and thoroughly enjoy a stress free vacation by taking advantage of the free public transportation.

Christmas Kidnappers Caught

An 11 year old boy was sent out to the family car on Christmas night to retrieve a cell phone, when he was intercepted in an ill-fated encounter. The thieves who stopped the boy in the parking lot not only took the car and the cell phone, they took the boy along with them. Even though the town has a very low crime rate, the Park City Police were on their toes in no time. When the boy’s mother called in to say he hadn’t come back from the car, police were dispatched, and they apprehended the kidnappers in a very short amount of time. The boy was returned to his mother frightened, but unharmed. The kidnappers are booked in the Summit County jail, facing a long timeout in prison.

More Music on Main Street

Park City has long been known as a hotspot for artists and musicians alike, and the new club opening up at 268 Main Street is looking to expand that reputation. The O.P. Rockwell is a new venue that aims to attract more nationally touring artists to Park City, where locals and visitors can enjoy the show. Owners Chris Mautz and Darrin Piccilo say their main goal is to provide an added level of entertainment for the Park City locals, even in slower tourist seasons. They say that bands are especially attracted to this venue, because they can play at sister club The State Room in Salt Lake City while they’re in town without even having to switch hotels.

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