snow covered building in a mountain landscapeAny time is a good time to come to Park City, but things tend to get especially busy during the ski season. It’s no wonder with the miles and miles of pristine powder awaiting skiers all season long. If you’re planning a winter trip to Park City, here are a few planning pointers to make sure your trip is perfect:

When to Go

The attitude and atmosphere of the city changes as the season evolves, but there are definite benefits to any month.

  • October: The early bird catches the powder, and there’s usually plenty of it here in Park City, even in October. If you can be flexible in your travel dates, and don’t mind last minute trips, you can keep an eye out for early resort openings and be one of the first to head up the lift.

  • November: The official ski season kick-off around here is usually in November, but the crowds don’t usually start flooding in for a few more weeks. This makes November the ideal time to enjoy quiet, uncrowded slopes that are in top condition.

  • December: There’s nothing like the holidays in Park City and December is one of our most popular months for tourism. There are over 100 restaurants in Park City, and every one of them will be spreading some holiday cheer and warmth for the season. The ski resorts will be in full swing too!

  • January: Early January is a great time for those looking to save a little money to come to Park City. The post-holiday, pre-Sundance Film Festival lull is a nice time to relax, and have some space on the slopes. You can save on lodging, and won’t have trouble finding a room at this time, even last minute. Many local businesses offer discounts during this time as well. The last week in January is the Film Festival though, when prices go up, lodging sells out, and Park City really heats up!

  • February: The Sundance Film Festival is hosted by Park City each year around the last week of January to the first week of February. You can see Park City at its finest, rub elbows with the stars, and have a truly unique experience as a participant. Lodging is hard to come by though, so book early. The weeks immediately following the Festival tend to be a little quieter, making it a good time to enjoy the city and save on accommodations.

  • March: The best snow in the Rocky Mountains usually shows up during February and March, with massive snow storms blanketing the slopes. March is a popular month for visitors, with spring break bringing the good times to town. Book early!

  • April: As winter begins to clear out of the valley, people’s thoughts turn to spring, but there’s still plenty of snow up in Park City. April is an excellent time to get end-of-season discounts and enjoy the last of winter to the fullest. The ski season up here usually extends into May, and sometimes even June!

If you’re planning to visit Park City during one of the busier times, it’s especially important to book things ahead of time. Along with your lodging, make transportation arrangements to and from the airport, reserve spots at your top priority activities, and even make hotel reservations.

Saving Money

A big part of the charm of Park City is that it’s a high-class mountain town, but you can still enjoy the full range of the city if you’re working within a budget. Traveling at off-peak times can really cut costs. Here are a few other money saving tips for Park City visitors:

  • Stay at the ski resort lodges to save money. They often include lift passes in the price of your room, and may even offer food vouchers.

  • Purchase lift packages ahead of time, since multi-day lift tickets cost considerably less.

  • Check prices for one of the town’s 100s of bed and breakfasts and other off-site lodgings. They offer some great deals! Bed and breakfasts include free breakfast.

  • It’s fun to try out all the great restaurants in town, but planning to dine in one night can save you some money. Pick up simple groceries, or fresh bread and cheese from the bakery.

  • Slopeside dining is inexpensive, and quick.

  • Park City is walking-friendly, and has an extensive intown transit system, all for free. All you need to worry about is transportation to and from the airport, since you probably won’t need it in town. Put your rental car money toward something more fun!

What to Pack

Close up of people wearing ski/snowboard gear in park cityThere’s a lot to consider when packing for a ski vacation. You need clothes for the slopes, clothes for daily tourist outings, clothes for your night life, and clothes for bedtime. Use this easy packing list form Park City Mountain Resort to make sure you get everything.

Dress Code

Park City is unique in that it ranges from super up-scale to very casual, without requiring you to change your clothes. For the most part, even the nicest restaurants in town, many of which are 5-star, are perfectly happy to seat you in jeans. The laid back attitude of the town is all about enjoying the finer things in life, while staying comfortable. So, you can skip the evening wear, and stick with your favorite casual outfits for the entire length of your stay here.