Mountain flowers bloom in Spring.When people think of Park City, they tend to picture a town during the winter time. This isn’t an unwarranted image, as many of the things that Park City is most popular for, such as the Sundance Film Festival or the incredible skiing, take place in the winter. However, when all of that snow melts and the flowers start to bloom, Park City still remains a gorgeous location with plenty to do. Here are some reasons why Park City is amazing in the spring…

Natural beauty

The mountain scenery around Park City makes for a great winter wonderland, but it is also a beautiful backdrop during the spring. There is a huge variety of wildflower species that exist around Park City. When they start to bloom, Park City becomes a city in color, which is a gorgeous sight to behold. This makes hiking and mountain biking a highly popular activity in Park City in the spring, as the blossoming life can provide for a breathtaking mountain adventure.

Lower prices

While visiting a high class ski resort during the Sundance Film Festival might make for a perfect getaway, it can also be on the pricier end of things, with many rooms at Park City’s famous resorts running over $1000 a night. However, these same rooms cost only around one-fifth of the price during the spring season. Actually, due to supply and demand, the prices for everything in Park City get a little lower so that you can enjoy more of the city for less of your pocketbook.

Spring skiing

While skiing is primarily a winter sport, you don’t have to stop enjoying it after the solstace has passed, as many resorts in Park City either make their own snow, or are high enough in elevation to still have it. There are many benefits to spring skiing. First of all, it is a good deal cheaper (as stated above). On top of that, though, the days are longer and the slopes usually aren’t as crowded.

Amazing restaurants

All of the amazing restaurants that are completely packed during the winter in Park City are still there in the spring, and the food is just as good! Spring is a great time to come get some shopping done and enjoy all of the great food that Park City has to offer.