If you’re looking for something delightfully different this Christmas season, there are few things as memorable as a Park City Christmas. There are events happening all around the city for the entire month of December and they increase in frequency and intensity as the big day approaches. Park City offers something for everyone, whether you’re planning a family getaway, an intimate retreat, or a fun place to party: Park City has a lot to offer you!

World Famous Snow

Male Skier Park CItyIf you’ve been dreaming of a white Christmas, don’t settle for less than “The Best Snow Earth”, which is especially beautiful in Park City. The mountain setting and historical architecture are like something out of a fairy tale and they will create a lasting Christmas memory for years to come. Simply put: You will be mesmerized by this mountain city.

Of course, when talking about snow in park city, one can’t forget the world famous ski and snowboarding resorts. Park City was a host to the 2002 winter olympic games as is a favorite and is still a favorite spot for world class athletes. It is also a hotspot for celebrities who often discover the magic of Park City during the Sundance film festival, but keep returning throughout the year to get away from busy city life.

Park City is home to thousands of acres of ski and snowboard terrain. Its resorts are also consistently ranked amongst the top in the world. The resorts also host events throughout the Christmas season, both for those on the slopes and off. So, whether you are looking for something to do with the whole family, or trying to take advantage of some of the best winter terrain in the world: Park City is the place to be. To find out more about Park City Resorts you can follow this link.


Among the famous celebrities that like to stay in Park City every year is one that everyone is looking for on Christmas. Most People think he’s stays at the north pole, but every Christmas, he makes his way to Park City to get in a few runs before he takes off on his journey. If you’re around on Christmas eve, you can catch him leading the annual Torchlight Parade hosted by Park City Mountain Resort. He also like to frequent The Canyons around the 23rd-25th, if you let him know how nice you were this year, he’ll give you a treat and maybe even take a few runs with you!

You can find out more about special Christmas events in the special holidays section of the Park City website located here!

Happy New Years!

Park City Main Street If you’re going to stay for Christmas, why not stay for New Years? Park City’s famous historic Main Street make a perfect backdrop to ring in the New Year. The Beautiful historic district is home to hundreds of restaurants and stores. Whether you’re looking for exclusive designer brands or unique artisan quality shops: the historic district has what you’re looking for.

Park City also has an exciting nightlife. From clubs to cafes, from bars to breweries, you’ll only find too much to do! On historic Main Street, you can dance in the New Year or you can grab a drink and have an intimate night with close friends… or, why not both? If you’re looking for live music, Park City has many venues that cater to different age groups and host both local and national acts.

For more information about Park City’s numerous stores, breweries, bars, pubs, distilleries, clubs, venues and restaurants, check out the business directory located here!

Christmas In Park City

Whatever your plans are for the holidays, Park City has something for you. For a memorable time that stands out from your Christmas past, come spend this special time in a magical mountain city unlike any place on Earth. Come spend your holidays at Park City. Let this storybook mountain town reawaken the wonder and inspiration of Christmas!