Salt Lake City overviewThe Sundance Film Festival takes place all across Utah, with new venues being added every year, but most of the action takes place in Park City. Not only does Park City have the most theaters, but it also houses the most festival events. Besides the festival, the city has developed a reputation as a world famous landmark for skiing (and outdoor activities), independent film culture, shopping, dining, and much more. So, during the film festival, you’re guaranteed excitement and the chance to mingle with the celebrities from the screen!

Park City and the Sundance Film Festival

Peak Transport sundance cameraSince the festival is such a large event, it can often be difficult to get reservations or tickets on short notice. However, the festival is split into two separate five day blocks. The first block is typically the most popular and includes the opening ceremonies on the first day. The second block is essentially identical to the first, except that it is usually less crowded and it features the closing ceremony instead of the opening. Information about the festival, venues, scheduling, volunteering and other activities can be found at The Sundance Institute Website.

While the festival itself is nothing short of amazing, Park City will offer you no shortage in additional activities. Whether you’d like to hit the best snow on Earth, visit world famous boutique shops, or enjoy the exciting nightlife of historic Park City: you’ll exhaust yourself before the possibilities. You can get a listing of local shops, restaurants, lodging and seasonal events at The Sundance Institute’s “Getting Around” guide.

Park City Anytime

Group of Friends in a Night ClubIf you love independent film, but aren’t able to get down to the annual Sundance Film Festival, have no fear! Park City has become a permanent fixture in the independent film industry and is always screening. For more information about local film events that take place throughout the year, you can goto Park City’s Film Event guide.

No matter what type of entertainment you’re looking for, there is always something to do in Park City. The Sundance Film Festival is considered to be among the top three in the world and is a treat for any filmbuff. However, Park City’s deep roots in the independent film community make it a great stop no matter what time of year it is. Stop by and see why this seemingly quiet mountain town has risen to become one of the world’s most recognized hotspots.