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Park City is a community that is vibrant and alive, and part of staying that way is making sure that you continue to adapt and grow. One such step that is being taken to do this is to improve many of Park City’s more rundown roads, so that development and growth can continue to thrive. Currently, this is exactly what is being done for the Old Town zone of Park City, which will be rebuilt and developed during the summer of 2016. Here’s all the information you need to know about this latest development in Park City…

Current road

The current roads in this area are hugely problematic, and pose a series of transportation issues for many of the events that currently go on in Park City. The redevelopment will be from Manor Way to Empire Avenue, near the Town Lift. This infrastructural endeavor include an entirely new road from the asphalt, to everything underneath. This includes new asphalt, a new sewer system, new water lines, and new sidewalks and gutters. According to City Hall, the last time the road had seen any major redevelopment was 25 years ago, long before Park City became the huge destination that it is today.


Due to the time that the road has endured without any repairs, it is in dire need of restructuring. The good news is that this construction should be finished by mid-October, with most of the work being done over the summer months. Due to the size of the roads, though, they will be required to be closed during hours when the construction is taking place. Because of this, most of the work will be done at times with minimal traffic, so as not to disrupt the summer tourist season. The project will officially start construction sometime in early May.

Park City’s infrastructure problem

This is an important step in what will hopefully be a continuing pattern of redevelopment in Park City. Many parts of popular downtown Park City have gone without any repairs or redevelopment for decades. This is a major issue for a city that depends on tourism and the ability for people to travel about the city. As a transportation company in Park City, this is an issue that we know very well, and can attest to the importance of.

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