Fashion Tips for Hitting the Slopes

Just because you’ll be spending your entire day covered in snow and wearing goggles and a helmet doesn’t mean you can’t look good doing it. After all, Park City is a hot spot for high mountain fashion!

What’s in Season

New fashion trends come along with every season, and the ski slopes are no exception. Here are some of the new looks you can expect to see out there this year:

  • Big Boots: Moon boots and Uggs style sheepskins are still going strong and you can wear them with anything in casual Park City. Wear them to and from the slopes and leave them on for dinner.

  • Color on Bottom: Going with a classic black or gray on top, and then adding a splash of color on bottom is the current trend. Neon colors are very popular for ski pants this year.

  • Extreme Geo: For the younger groups of snowboarders and extreme skiers, the outfit should match the energy. Bold blocks of color and spicy geometric patterns will help you to put on a show as you head down the slopes.

  • Bobble Hats: Beanies with pompoms are back in, so find your favorite poof ball to wear when you pull your helmet off.

  • Up Dos: If you’ve got long hair, don’t count on it looking neat, or even attractively tousled after about five minutes on the slopes. It will be matted and messy. Best to pull it back into a nape ponytail to keep it tangle-free and under control.

  • One-Piece Suits: The outfit for the business of skiing is the snow suit. 2-piece pants and parka sets have ruled the ski scene for years, but the one-piece jumper is coming back in. A very high-waisted snow suit or a one-piece jumper style one, including parka styled top, are becoming a hot item amongst the lady skiers. They can be hard to find though, so you’ll have to do a little digging.

Versatile Layers

It looks cold out there, but once you get going, the combination of beautiful sunlight and awesome skiing moves can get you pretty heated. Take the time to coordinate your layers so you’ll still look good if you have to take some off. If you get too hot and sweaty, you’ll end up being wet and cold and have to head home early, so dress in a way that makes it easy to make changes and look good doing it.

Functional Accessories

If you were thinking that helmets and goggles might detract from your look on the slopes, you were wrong. You need to be safe while you’re skiing, but you don’t have to look bad. Choose safety accessories that compliment your overall look. When your accessories coordinate, you look like a safe, seasoned pro.

Aprés Ski

You never know what a day in Park City will bring, so you need to be prepared for anything. Resist the temptation to hit the slopes with only your long underwear underneath your ski clothes, or you might miss a fun night in the lodge. Have your bottom layer be a comfortable, attractive outfit that would be appropriate for going to dinner or having hot chocolate at the lodge. That way you won’t have to go back to your hotel before getting on with your evening.


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