Fall in Park City

Far and away, Park City is most famous for its winter fare, such as the Sundance Film Festival and the amazing snow for skiing and snowboarding. However, Park City is still there for the other three seasons, as well. One of the most gorgeous times to visit is actually in the fall. During this time, Park City hosts a beautiful environment to engage in a whole host of activities. Here’s just a sample of the many great things about fall in Park City…


Park City is a host to many amazing trails through the woods and mountains in the countryside around it. Choose a day to see a completely new side of Park City. You can hike right out of the city and into the gorgeous natural landscape that surrounds it. There are trails matching varying levels of difficulty, for beginning and expert hikers alike.

Mountain biking

Each of those aforementioned hiking trails can just as easily be used for your mountain bike. There’s an entire countryside to bike in that is just beckoning you during this time of year. Each of the various ski resorts have mountain biking trails during their off season, as it is a huge activity for the area when there’s not snow on the ground.

Farmer’s market

During the fall, Park City is home to a wonderful farmer’s market that sells a large variety of great locally sourced food. There’s all sorts of fall fare from pumpkins and squash, to apples and turkeys. The produce is absolutely incredible, and you’ll be purchasing food in a great, community-oriented atmosphere. Make sure to check it out on your next trip into town!


Egyptian theater


Park City’s own theater is one that sports high caliber performances from different theater companies in the region. This year, during the fall, Young Frankenstein is making its way to Park City from the Ziegfeld Theater down in Ogden. The Egyptian Theater is a great vintage theater and provides terrific production values right on Park City’s Main Street.

Gorgeous scenery

One of the absolute best things about the fall in Park City is the scenery. The changing colors of fall look absolutely incredible, even more beautiful than winter here. Every part of the surrounding countryside is simply stunning, and will provide a great backdrop for anything that you’d like to do in the outdoors. For example, there is no better time to go camping!

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