Essential Ski Gear

Before you head out for a day on the beautiful slopes of Park City, make sure you’ve brought along all the items on our checklist of essential ski gear.

What to Wear

The key to being comfortable for a whole day on the slopes is to dress in layers. You can always take some clothes off if you get too hot, but you won’t be able to bundle up when you get cold if you didn’t bring enough stuff with you. The perfect ski outfit comes in three layers:

  • Base Layer: A breathable layer of clothing worn under your ski clothes helps keep you warm while wicking moisture away at the same time. Athletic clothes made from polyester or other highly breathable synthetic fabrics are a great choice. If you prefer a cotton underlayer, choose a breathable knit like that found in thermal underwear. You’ll also need some warm socks. Nothing is worse than having wet socks, so choose a fabric that takes care of moisture quickly, such as wool.
  • Middle Layer: Your snow pants are the second layer on your bottom half, and the final layer you’ll need. They don’t necessarily need to be thick or padded, they just need to be water and wind resistant. Your ski boots go over your socks. They need to be comfortable all day and provide the right amount of support. On your top half, wear a sweater or a fleece jacket.
  • Outerwear: Your ski jacket, like your ski pants, should ideally be lightweight, waterproof, and wind resistant. A jacket with zipper vents is nice on a sunny day because you can let out some heat and moisture without taking your jacket off.

Accessorizing for Comfort

When planning your outfit for a day of skiing, don’t forget to include some lifesaver accessories. A hat, eyewear, and gloves are just as important as your other articles of clothing. A beanie or a ski hat will keep heat from escaping from your head, which usually loses 85% of your body heat. Ski goggles will keep your eyes protected, and tinted ones or sun glasses are a necessity on a sunny, snowy day. Gloves should fit well so snow can’t get down into them.

Hitting the Slopes

You could have a lovely day in the lodge or taking in the scenery on any day in Park City, but you’re going to need some skis if you want to hit the slopes. The important thing is you choose skis that are comfortable for you and provide the right amount of support.

Trial and error will teach you what works best for you, so renting skis is a good idea for your first few times out. Don’t forget your poles, which you need for stabilizing and steering. Properly fitted bindings round out the equation, and should be fitted the first time around by a professional. These same tips apply for snowboarders.

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