7 Tips for Skiing with Kids

Did you know that kids can begin skiing as early as the age of three? Though the thought may seem scary to you at first, remember that skiing is a great sport for both recreational and exercise purposes. If you’re looking for a great activity to get your kids out of the house this winter, consider taking them skiing. Just remember these tips.

1. Dress Them for the Occasion

Make sure you have all the appropriate attire for your children before you hit the slopes. For skiing, it’s a good idea to have a coat with two layers. If it’s cold, they’ll be prepared, and if it gets too warm as the afternoon wears on, they can shed one of the layers. They’ll also want a knit cap and well-fitted snow pants.

2. Remember the Three G’s of Accessorizing

Along with the proper attire, don’t forget about the proper accessories. Just remember the three G’s: gloves, goggles, and a gaitor. Gloves to keep their hands warm and easy to use, goggles to protect their eyes, especially if snow is in the forecast, and a fleece gaitor, the safer version of a scarf since it won’t get caught on the lift.

3. Rent or Buy?

For kids, it’s probably better to rent or season-lease the equipment than to buy it. Kids grow so quickly that the purchase probably won’t pay itself off before they grow out of their equipment. Many resorts and ski equipment companies have great deals on rentals for kids.

4. Address Concerns

Skiing may be a little scary for kids, especially if they’re young and have never done something like it before. Ask them if they have any concerns before, during, and after your first trip. Make them feel at ease, and stick with them if they need you to.

5. Arrange Quality Lessons

There are many things you can probably teach your kids about skiing, but to start out with, it’s probably best if you arrange some quality lessons for their first time. Instructors who are used to teaching kids can explain things in a way you might not have thought of, and once they have the basics, they’ll continue to thrive.

6. Go to a Kid-Friendly Resort

Before you book your ski vacation, make sure you pick a place that’s kid friendly. There should be plenty of easy to moderate level hills for them to ski on if they’re beginners, and the resorts should be equipped with kid friendly foods, equipment, and accommodations.

7. Get Good Transportation

If you’re going out of town for your ski trip, make sure you have transportation arranged that will work for your kids. For example, you’ll want to find a car rental place that offers booster seats and extremely safe vehicles for your travels. If you need such a vehicle, call us today!

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